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Cu Lan village in Dalat

Cu Lan village is a new but extremely attractive tourist destination in Dalat. Cu Lan village is located in Suoi Can village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province,  a 20ha village, and a stream that flows through. It's the main source of water for the village of Kh'Ho people. Cu Lan village is at the foot of Langbiang mountain. And about 20 km from Dalat center along the winding road of provincial road 722. This is the East Truong Son road linking Da Lat and Dak Lak. If you travel here by motorbike you will feel the beauty of the plateau. Especially with the lake squeezed after the towering high mountains.

The story about Cu Lan village

Cu Lan tree is a kind of herbal tree that is used for stopping the bleeding of wounds. Cu Lan tree is also used for making meaningful souvenirs of the Central Highlands region. There is also a little animal which is like a monkey, looks like a panda, has big and very beautiful eyes manes, Cu Lan. 

Tour Du Lịch Đà Lạt Làng Cù Lần 1 Ngày

Cu Lan valley, surrounded by pine jungle, seems to be missed when all residents had left their hometown. Therefore, there was “a son” of Quang Nam who came to this land, settled down, and was going to create Cu Lan village with a dream to build a peaceful tourist farm in the jungle.

Interesting activities in Cu Lan Village

Traveling to Cu Lan village, you will be immersed in a wild scene. Sure that forgets the worries and anxieties of daily life. The typical tree of the village is a timid tree intertwined with a golden pin. You can take tow tour packages. Overnight in a Flower Forest and Overnight in a Wild Jungle. 

Overnight in a Flower Forest package will be presented from May 2012 with high-standard services as well as well-equipped wooden houses in the jungle. Stay one night in the village, the next morning wakes up. You will be overwhelmed by the beautiful natural scenery, the beautiful time to squeeze on the branches. sometimes showing the awkward, confused. 

Khu du lịch làng Cù Lần Đà Lạt – địa điểm nguyên vẹn nét hoang sơ ...

 the Overnight in Wild Jungle package is interesting for tourists who love adventure, such as overnight camping in the wild forest, as well as other guest requests. Instinct activities to survive will help to get rid of stress after hard working days. Naturally, a breath of fresh forest air will relax your mind during a long journey at this lovely village.

Besides this, guests can take part in outdoor activities. Such as mountain climbing, forest jungle, kite flying, fishing, folk games...

Pose - Lạ lẫm với hành trình chèo thuyền kayak ngắm lá phong ở Đà Lạt

Especially when coming to this village is you are playing with the beautiful Loris. Loris is a rare animal that has been included in the Red Book. This animal is notorious for being anything but curled up with his hands covered his eyes.

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